Participating in Architect Days in Madona

Participating in Architect Days in Madona

The World Architecture Day event was held in early October in Madona.  It was organised by the Madona Administrative District Group of Architects in tandem with the Latvian Association of Architects.

There were several presentations at the event, including one organised by representatives of the Hercogiste Eko project.  There was also an exhibition about the development of the architectural environment in the former Madona Administrative District and the former Madona District over the past 20 years.  Architectural projects which have been nominated for the Association of Architects’ annual awards for 2010 were presented, as was a photo album related to architecture and construction between 1991 and 2011 in the territory of the former Madona District.

Rūta Raginska-Repše from the Hercogiste Eko project talked about the planned project in the Liezere Parish, discussing the work that has already been done and the planning instruments that are being used.  Architects, territorial planners and landscape architects were interested in the study which Hercogiste has commissioned in relation to landscapes and biotopes in the area (the Location Planning Group).  

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