Eco Project in the Madona Region

We have just taken the initial steps is this very long-term vision. We hope to create plan that will guide the development of a socially and environmentally sustainable environment. We envision an innovative tourism development as the core of the community and hope that over time, other sustainable businesses will be drawn to the location. Hopefully, it will be a place for "greener" life, where people can learn about and enjoy harmony with nature.

We are currently working on plans for the project.  There has been an investigation of the landscape and spatial structure of the Hercogiste territory, also looking at resources and the importance of the location (The Location Planning Group).  We have also studied biotypes in the local basin drainage system, as well as protected biotypes that are of European importance (The Location Planning Group).

We chose the Happold Consulting (UK) company to draft the integrated development plan for the project because of the vast experience of that company in urban planning.  The Lighthouse Creative company (USA) has joined the team with an aim to create the tourism destination.  Lighthouse offers experienced consultants to plan visions and provide assistance in terms of designers and architects.